#1: Copenhagen – Melbourne

And we’re off! After months of planning, anticipation and waiting we’re finally here, in Australia, on our dream trip! 

Mai is the coolest little traveller and handled the long flight time surprisingly well, didn’t cry at all, exept a bit in the stroller during our stopover in Singapore. She slept a little on the first flight to Singapore and more on the second one, but most of it was on me and not in the bassinet that Singapore Airlines provided, mainly because that was the best way of making sure she would sleep longer. And whenever we did put her in the bassinet, it seemed, the seatbelt sign was turned on and I had to take her on my lap to fasten the seatbelt anyway! Good thing it could then be used to store our things or to play in.

In Melbourne we stayed with Martins friend Simon and his wife and son in St. Kilda. A bit jetlagged, we spent the first day here relaxing and visiting the South Melbourne Market. We celebrated New Years Eve in a very relaxed manner with seafood & bubbles, steak and wine in their garden. 

January 1st we went to Melbourne where we strolled the streets and, among other things, Saw St. Pauls Cathedral and all the street art around Hosier Lane.

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