#2: The Great Ocean Road

Driving the Great Ocean Road has been on my to-do list for a long time, so of course we made sure to include it in our itinerary. We spent two days but could easily have spent more, as there was loads to see and discover. Before we left Melbourne, Simon and Miriam helped us book accomodation for the night, which was a bit tricky since it is high-season.

Luckyily, Mai was asleep so we did the 1,5 hour drive from Melbourne to Torquay in one go and had our first stop at Bells Beach. That Beach is know for its surf and is where Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze had their ultimate showdown in Point Break.

We had a quick stop for coffee and cake in Aireys Inlet, and then drove to Lorne, where we visitied Erskine Falls. 

We then drove further along the beautiful coast to Wye River, where Simon had recommended the local pub for lunch. Unfortunately, the kitchen had already closed for lunch, so we went for the easy apple & ice cream instead. 

We then headed to Kennett River, where we saw wild koalas peacefully sleeping in the eaucaluptus trees. We spent the evening and night in Lorne, a lovely little beach town with an okay variety of shops and restaurants.

The next day we had a quiet morning before driving all the way along the Great Ocean Road to the highlight of the trip; The Twelve Apostles. The sigth of those majestic rocks did not at all disappoint – it was definitely worth all the hours of driving and more! Again, Mai was a little champ and fell asleep in the ergobaby as we walked the paths and snapped plenty of photos. 

The London Bridge was another beautiful sight and luckily the sky cleared and the Sun broke which just meant the that photos turned out even more beautiful.

It was a long drive back to Melbourne and we weren’t back until 9pm, so it ended up being two long and packed days, but I would do it again for sure. Next time I would allow at least three days though, since there are many more sights and small towns that would have been nice to explore further.

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