Next up: Australia and New Zealand!

Our next trip is now booked and it’s going to be one of the big ones – two months travelling around Australia and New Zealand! Our first trip as a family of three! 

We have arranged it so we have joint parenting leave for that period (and some saved up vacation on my behalf) which is why we are able to travel for that long. And we are so lucky that Martins mother Birthe will be joining us for the five weeks in Australia. 

We are leaving on December 29th and will spend the first week in Melbourne. We then have three days time in Ayers Rock afterwhich we will fly to Cairns and enjoy five days of relaxation and (hopefully) some diving on the Great Barrier Reef on Fitzroy Island. After that we have rented a car and will drive all the way from Cairns to Sydney. Where and when we will stop is not yet planned, so if you have any tips please do let us know.  

On February 2nd Birthe will fly back to Copenhagen and we will continue on to Christchurch in New Zealand. Here we have rented a campervan and will be spending the next 3-4 weeks driving around NZ until we have to fly back home from Auckland on March 1st. 

Needless to say, we can’t wait!

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