Next up: US and Canada

In exactly 1 month we’re off again! We are so lucky to have been invited to a wedding in Toronto in the middle of June, so we thought why not plan our summer vacation around this? We invited my parents this time, and they of course agreed without hesitation 😉

We are going to spend 3 weeks in total, and will be fulfilling one of our other big travel-dreams; to visit the Great Lakes area around Chicago, something we have been talking about for very long.

On June 2nd we’re flying to Chicago, where we have rented a house a bit outside the city. Here we’ll spent the smaller portion of a week exploring the “Windy City” and the Great Lakes area.

Driving towards Toronto, we will have a few days stop at Detroit, where we’ve rented the same apartment as we stayed in together with Philip and Kat, back in 2014.

We’ll spend 8 days in Toronto, hopefully enjoying the sun and participating in fun wedding celebrations. After the wedding, we will drive north and stay in a cottage near Huntville, where we plan to visit Algonquin Provincial Park and walk some of the trails there.

To see some more of Canada, and not to drive the same route back to Chicago, we decided to drive north of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. We’ll stop for the night in Sault Ste. Marie and from there go to Green Bay. This was on Martin’s must-see lists (mainly because of their football team – hello…), so we thought it was a good plan to use the city as a stopping point.

We’re really exited for this trip, the US and Canada is always such nice and easy countries to travel to and we’re looking forward to seeing how Mai will handle the trip now that she is a bit older.

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