Photo diary from Chicago

We spent the first 6 days of our trip to North America in beautiful Chicago. Ever since I got to spend 24 hours due to a flight delay on my way back from Nicaragua, I’ve dreamt of experiencing the city again in the summertime.

The Windy City did not dissapoint. On the contrary, I was awed by the calm and unstressful atmosphere, the georgeous architecture and the sights around the whole area including Lake Michigan. We were very lucky with the weather and only had one day with cold wind and rain out of our six days, the rest way blue skies and lots of sun.

We stayed in one of the Chicago suburbs, Berwyn, which was approximately a 20 min drive from the city center (not during rush hour though!). We rented a house via airbnb and loved it.

We spent the first day cheering for Juventus in the Champions League final at a local sports bar.

This is the day the weather turned grey and cold – we went shopping instead!

We went on a boat trip to Lake Michigan and up the Chicago River, seeing and learning about the most beautiful building after another.

On of course we stopped by Cloudgate.

We also went on a daytrip to “Harbour Country“, which is a trademarked designation for the Berrien County, Michigan. It consist of 8 cities around the southern part of Lake Michigan. We stopped by 4 of the cities; Three Oaks, Union Pier, Grand Beach and Michiana.

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