Around the World 2008

On september 1st 2008, Martin and I started our journey across the world, from St. Peterburg, Russia, to Washington, U.S.

You can follow our trip here through the photos we took along the way and by reading the travelogue.


This is our route so far:

•1st – 5th september: St. Peterburg, Russia

•6th – 9th september: Moscow, Russia

•9th – 13th september: Transmongolian railway (Moscow – Irkutsk)

•13th – 15th september: Irkutsk, Russia

•15th – 16th september: Transmongolian railway (Irkutsk – Ulan Baator)

•16th – 26th september: Ulan Baator, Mongolia

•26th – 27th september: Transmongolian railway (Ulan Bator – Beijing)

•27th – 30th september: Beijing, China

•30th september – 3rd october: Xi’an, China

•3rd – 4th october: Shanghai, China

•4th – 6th october: Ferry from Shanghai, China to Kobe, Japan

•6th – 24th october: Japan

•24th october – 3rd november: Hawaii, U.S.

•3rd november – 1st december: U.S.


Update: Our route in the U.S.

•3rd – 7th november: San Francisco

•7th – 11th november: Driving through Yosemite and Death Valley national parks to Las Vegas

•11th – 13th november: Las Vegas

•13th – 16th november: New Orleans

•16th – 22nd november: New York

•22nd – 24th november: Philadelphia

•25th: Driving through Baltimore to Washington DC.

•25th november – 1st december: Washington DC.