3 tips from our around the world trip


1. Golden Gobi

The guesthouse where we stayed in Ulaan Bator, Mongolia, and also the place we booked our trip around Gobi. Highly recommendable!

2. Sailing from China to Japan

The ferry we took from Shanghai, China to Kobe, Japan.

A great and different way to get to Japan. We were told that the ferry is not even that known in China or Japan, so naturally we were the only foreigners onboard.

3. Japan Rail Pass

I would recommend everyone travelling to Japan to opt for the Japan Rail Pass. It’s not cheap, but it will take you all over Japan fast and convenient, and just the experience of taking a ride on the Shinkansen, which is the name for the high-speed railway lines, is a thrill in itself.

One thing thats important to know is that you have to buy it before you go!┬áThe Japan Rail Pass is only available to foreign visitors and Japanese nationals living outside Japan and it’s not sold in Japan.

We had some help from a travel agency, who also help to book our tickets on the Trans-Mongolian railway and accomodation in Russia. For more info you can visit the official website.