Argentina days 1-4: Travelling to the end of the world

Martin and I wanted to enjoy our twosomeness while it lasts, so we decided on going on one last big trip before becoming a trio! 

One of our shared dreams has always been to visit Antarctica! And since that trip is probably the least baby-ideal trip I can think of, we decided to go to Argentina with the intention of going from there to that last continent. So we bought the ticket and on Christmas Day we boarded a plane to Buenos Aires.

Our first days in Argentina were spent strolling the streets of Buenos Aires. Tired from the long flight, we rested a bit in our hotel room and then went out to tour the city. The city was remarkably quiet and most shops and restaurants were closed, probably due to it being 2nd Christmas Day.

When travelling, we always prefer to walk to everything – it gives a much better idea of distances and a better sense of a place, I think.
On our first day we walked over 11 km, all the way from our hotel in the San Telmo area, via Defensia to Plaza de Mayo, which is the main square with Casa Rosario in the end. From there we walked down Calle Florida, which is the main turist street, lined with shops, street vendors and hustlers asking if you want to exchange money. Going back we walked along the port area of Puerto Madero.


On the second day we decided to walk to La Boca. It took us about an hour, and the route that the receptionist at our hotel recommended was a bit dull, but we made it there nonetheless. Ah well, we then got to see a more “local” part of the city.

Lo Boca is a lovely area, full of color and vibrance. There are plenty of cafes and market areas, and even though the area is not that big, you can easily spend half a day there. We sat down at one of the cafes and spent some time people-watching, that’s always great fun! We also went to see the stadion of La Boca Juniors, which of course was a must to Martin.

After staying some hours in La Boca we walked back to San Telmo and walked up Defensa for the Sunday market, and had an Empanadas lunch at the Mercado de San Telmo.

We spent the afternoon in the Microcentro and Congreso areas, walking along Av 9 de Julio “the widest street in the world” to the obelisco and down Av de Mayo before heading back.

IMG_4333For dinner the receptionist recommended we eat at DesNivel, which was only two blocks from our hotel, and what a place! It felt very local and touristy at the same time, and the meat was to die for! We shared a 900 g steak (Martin wanted to order one for himself that size but the waiter talked him out of it and we shared it instead) which was cut by the waiter with a spoon directy at our table! Martin was one happy man 🙂

The next morning we went up very early and flew to Ushuaia.
We were positively surprised by the whole area and its beauty, and the city itself had a real alpine feeling, which we liked. However, everything is very expensive! We were told that it’s because they have to import everything from the “mainland” and the transportation is long, so they have to add a bunch of fees and taxes.

IMG_4372At first instance, we didn’t care – we had a goal of going to Antartica! So we spent the whole day walking around the town visiting different tour agencies requiering about trips to Antarctica. Sadly, most places had no availability and we really struggled to find any trips at all. We did however get offered one trip from 7th-16th of Jan. We thought it over but decided that it would be unrealistic to think that we would be able to make it back in time for our return fligh from Buenos Aires on that same day, so we passed. Besides, the price was around $8900 US, so it was not even that cheap.



We also looked at a 3night/4days trip to Cape Horn and around the national park in Chile, ending on Jan 2nd in Puerto Arenas, but the price was $1600 US per person (all included, also free bar), and though we were tempted, we simply felt it was way too much money for that short a trip. Instead we took a quick decision and booked a flight ticket out of Ushuaia to El Calafate the next day, and luckily the hostel let us change our reservation from two to one day.

IMG_4364The following day we spent hiking up Cerro Martial & Glacier Martial. It had great panoramic views of Ushuaia and the Beaggle Channel, and even more stunning landscape with the snow-capped mountains, ski-slopes and glacier views.



Magical Cuba

Cuba is stunning, lively and surprising – its like stepping into a time-machine and going back more than half a century to a time where pirates still stalked the Carribean.

This summer we were so fortunate to be invited on a fantastic trip to Cuba to celebrate Martin’s mother turning 60. 

It turned out to be a great time to visit – 10 days after we left Havana, the United States and Cuba re-established diplomatic relations and reopened embassies in each other’s capitals.

This was our route:

  • Saturday 20th June: Departure from Copenhagen with arrival in Havana in the evening.
  • Sat. 20 – Tues. 23 June: Havana
  • Tues 23 – Fri. 26 June:  Viñales
  • Fri 26 – Mon. 29 June: Penínzula de Zapata. Staying at Hotel Horizontes Villa Guamá, which is located the middle of the Lagoon of the Treasure built in traditional cuban architecture.
  • Mon. 29 June – Fri. 3rd July: Trinidad
  • Fri. 3rd – Wed. 8 July: Varadero
  • Wed. 8 – Fri. 10 July: Havana
  • Fri. 10 July: Departure from Havana to Copenhagen, with a stop-over in Toronto

Three weeks of sun, cigars, music, culture and wonderful landscapes! All my photos are gathered here by destination.



Guama and Bay of Pigs

Trinidad and Area



Toronto and Detroit

Whenever we get the chance, we try to visit the friends we have abroad. So when Martin’s best friend Philip moved to Toronto to live with his girlfriend Kat, we of course had to plan a visit!

Although November isn’t the best time of year to visit Toronto, we did beat the tourist crowds and had most places almost to ourselves. And we also managed to combine our stay with a roadtrip to the city of Detroit together with Philip and Kat, where we spent American Thanksgiving watching the traditional game between Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears.


Niagara Falls



Christmas on Hawaii – Part 4 Whalewatching

Over Christmas and News Years Martin and me went back to Hawaii for the third time – can you guess how much we love it there? This time we got to experience a new Island (Kauai), we finally got to see the Humpback Whales that call Hawaii home during the winter months and not least, we got to spend some quality time with my family.

We finally got to cross one more thing off our bucket list – going on a whale-watching cruise to see whales! And we got really lucky; 6 humpback whales kept us company for almost the entire 3 hours we were out on the water and they came amazingly close to the boat, so I managed to get some nice shots of them.