Algonquin and a road trip back to Chicago

After spending more than two weeks in big cities, we all were pretty exited to escape the crowds, the skylines and the noise. Instead of driving the same way back to Chicago, we had decided to see a bit more of Canada and drive north around Lake Michigan, via Sault Ste Marie and Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Our first stop was a cottage near Algonquin National Park, the oldest national park in Ontario. It has more than 2400 lakes and a wide variety of forest types. We rented a cottage outside of the park for three days and did daytrips there, going for shorter hikes. It was very beautiful with lots of pretty lakes and streams, giant trees and an amazing wildlife. Unfortunately some of that wildlife included mosquitoes in abubdance and they were not intimidated by insect repellant or all the other measures we took to avoid getting bitten!

Our cottage had beautiful views of the surrounding lake with an idyllic boatramp , but spending 5 minuttes outside also resulted in at least the same amount of mosquito bites, so we mostlystayed indoors.

After three days we packed the car again and drove the long but beautiful stretch to Sault Ste. Marie, situated right by the US/Canadian border. It was nice to get far away from all the tourists and see a more rural part of Ontario. We had lots of idyllic stops at small roadside cafees and played tons of games with Mai on the backseat.

In Sault Ste. Marie we had just one night in a house rented via Airbnb. The city itself is not an attraction although it felt very homey and cosy. And it was a chance to experience a normal Canadian city.

The next day we drove across the border to Wisconsin, US and all the way to Green Bay. Again, we stayed in a house rented via Airbnb, in a classic american residential neighbourhood. We went for a walk in the area and had an amazing dinner at a brewery right by the Lambeau Field, Hinterland. If you’re ever in the area, its highly recommendable!

The next morning we headed for Lambeau Field. In a city with a population of approximately 101.000 people and a football stadium with a capacity of 81.000 people, its was easy to spot the major influence and inportance the football team has. We just went into the (giant) Packers shop, and even on a standard Friday morning it was packed with people. Afterwards we went for a classic american breakfast at iHop and did the last shopping, before driving back to Chicago O’Hare.

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