Detroit, we meet again

When we where planning our trip to North America and decided to do a road trip from Chicago to Toronto, we knew we had to have a stop somewhere along the way. An 8 hour drive (not including breaks) is simply too long for Mai.

Detroit was a natural choice for us; 1. Because it is roughly halway between the two cities and 2. Ever since visiting for Thanksgiving in 2014, we really wanted to go back and explore more parts of the city and see how much it had evolved.

We rented the same airbnb apartment as our first visit and it looked exactly the same! If you’re ever in Detroit, this is the place to stay!

Besides the apartment and the cool restaurants and cafes on that block, it felt like everything else had changed! It was like visiting a whole other/new city. Gone was all the abandoned and burnt-down house, the empty streets and windowless skyskrabers.

We saw whole new areas we hadn’t seen before (like Greek town and it’s “Vegas-like” atmosphere) and familiar areas buzzing with life and hipsters.

We spent the day walking around the city in the morning and visiting the Henry Ford Museum in the afternoon.

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