#11: Dunedin and Otago Peninsula 

After a day in Akaroa, we headed down south to Dunedin where we stayed for a couple of days. 

Monday was a public holiday and the weather was quite boring and grey, so we spent the day wandering around the city. We saw the beautiful old railway station, according to Lonely Planet one of the most photographed buildings in New Zealand. 

We went for a stroll in the chinese garden. 

And saw some of the beautiful old churches and buildings scattered around town. 

We also spent a few hours having lunch and watching some of the Superbowl final at one of the local pubs. 

The day after the sky cleared, making the drive around the Otago Peninsula all the more spectacular. We drove to the tip of the Peninsula as this is the point where you should be able to spot all of the different wildlife in the area. 

At the Royal Albatros Center we did a tour, as we were told this was the only way to see the star attraction – the Royal Albatros. We paid $100 for a 30min presentation and 30min in a little room with a large window, from where we could see the 4 nesting albatros! We might as well have gone to the zoo, and we felt ripped of to be honest. 

Afterwards we went for a walk to the nearby Pilots Beach where we were lucky enough to see two small blue-eyed penguins lying in a small hole (they usually dont come to the beach until dusk), plus some New Zealand fur seals lying around on the rocks. 

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