#7: Fraser Island 

Before coming to Hervey Bay, we discussed how the best way to explore Fraser Island would be with an almost 8 months old baby. We knew that we did not want to do one of those full-day bus tours, we wanted an option where we could be in control and take all the stops and breaks we needed. We looked into renting a 4WD for a day and drive ourselves, but with insurance and everything it would only be slightly cheaper than the option we chose instead; a full-day tour with a Hummer and our own personal driver/guide. 

It turned out to be the perfect way to see Fraser Island in a day. Craig, our driver/guide, knew the island very well and manouvered the sandy roads like he’d nothing else his whole life. At the same time he knew loads about the animal life and vegetation on the island, and he easily spotted the various different plant and tree sorts as well as animals and other interesting facts about the island. 

After disembarging the ferry, we drove through the rainforest to the other side of the island and the 75-mile beach. Driving on that endless beach, a national enlisted highway, is a thrilling and very special experience.

The first stop was the Maheno shipwreck, a former passenger liner that was sent ashore by a cyclone in the 1930s.

A bit further up the beach we had a quick stop at the Pinnacles or Coloured Sands, an eroded section of coloured sand cliffs.

Heading back the way we came from, we stopped at Eli Creck, where we walked around and dipped our feet in the water. 

We had lunch at Lake McKenzie – in the picnic area, as you are not allowed to bring any food to the lake – and afterwards had about an hour to enjoy the beautiful freshwater lake. 

The last stop of the day was at Central Station, which is a actually an old village and the center for the old logging industry, back from when they were logging on the island. Here we walked one of the trails around the rainforest, and saw some amazing tree types, among others a Strangler Tree and various sorts of Eucalyptus trees.

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