Nicaragua Part 2: Little Corn Island, Granada, San Juan del Sur and Isla de Ometepe

Lots have happened since my last post – time has just flown by and it is now my last day in Nicaragua before heading home to the cold north.

We spend Christmas on Little Corn Island, one of two islands located on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua, about 70 km off shore. Little Corn is, as the name refers, the smaller of the two islands and much less touristy and crowded. It was a lovely little paradise with lots of lobster and a completely different side to Nicaragua, which was great to experience. On Christmas eve we had a surf’n’turf dinner with Lise and Jessica, two girls Malene met in Antigua. After dinner we met up with me and Malene’s bungalow-neighbours, Martin and Anja, two danes living in Managua. We drank all the rum’n’coke we had and afterwards partied the night away in the one of the bars on the island.
Unfortunately, the weather was bad (rain and wind) the whole time we were there and it got worse the day we were supposed to go back to the big island to fly back to Managua. No boats were going so we ended up missing our flight! Luckily for us, the freight ship arrived that day (it comes once a week!) and we could sail with that back to the big island and get a flight the next morning.

We then spend two days in Granada, one with just seeing the city and all its churches, and one going to the nearby volcano Mombacho.

Then we headed to San Juan del Sur where we enjoyed the beaches and celebrated the new year. One of the nights we went to Wildlife Reserve La Flor, where we saw several sea turtles digging nests in the sand and laying their eggs there – it was an amazing experience!

After San Juan we spend 4 days on Isla de Ometepe, an island formed by two volcanoes right in the middle of the biggest lake in Central America. Here we spend a day kayaking to Rio Istiam and the other days we rented mountain bikes, exploring the island on wheels.

We are now back in Granada enjoying my last days here in Nicaragua. Yesterday we went to the big maket in Masaya and today we’re going to Laguna de Apoyo, a crater lake just north of Granada, so I can spend my last day here relaxing and enjoying the sun 🙂

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