Argentina and Brazil roundtrip

My first visit to South America started in Buenos Aires, where my parents and I enjoyed three days of sightseeing, Flamingo, Tango, and of course red wine and big steaks. After that we spent two days by the Uruguay River, in a little town called Colon. Here we tried “stonehunting” and saw the giant sand dunes that are in the middle of River Uruguay.  

We´ve then spent next last four days in Puerto Iguazu, another small town (although not as small as Colon) which is situated on the Argentine side of the Iguazu Falls. Here we witnesses the power of Mother Nature, both by some seriously heavy tropical rainfall, and of course by the amazing and enormous Iguazu Falls.

We spent two days visiting the Falls; first from the Brazilian side and the second from the Argentine side. Most of the falls are situated on the Argentine side, so what we saw from the Brazilian side was a more panoramic view of the falls, which was a stunning view. But half of the Union Fall (the biggest fall) and the Devil´s throat (and see photos) are in Brazil, and they´ve done a hell of a job building a giant walkway so it fells like you walk almost all the way into the Devil´s throat (and yes, we got wet). 

Stunned by our first day at the falls and the Brazilian side, we were blown away by the Argentine side the second day. Three different trails took us literally on top of the biggest fall, Union Fall, and a look down Devil´s throat, and on a walk around all the other falls, seeing them close-up as well.

Our visit at the falls were finished with a boat trip on the river, and if we thought we´d been close before, we now came face to face with some of the falls, sailing up to a few meters away from the falls, and experiencing what the tourist brochure calls “the unforgettable baptism under the San Martin waterfall”.

We then flew to Brazil, where we enjoyed five days of sun and relaxation in the resort area of Buzios, a peninsula about 170 km south of Rio. Unfortunately, we got a sad message from home during our stay that my grandfather had died. So our stay in Brazil was cut short and we had only about half a day in Rio de Janeiro before we flew back home in time for the funeral.

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