United States of Me

The last two weeks we´ve spent on the east coast, experiencing and seeing the sights in New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. New York was our favourite, with plenty of things to see and do, we could have easily spent more than the six days we had there. Besides seeing the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero (which was nothing more than a construction site) and taking a stroll through Central Park, we also went to see some comedy at the comedy club where Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler and Seinfeld was discovered. And we were audience at The Late Night show with David Letterman.

Next, we went to Philadelphia, the birthplace of the country, where we saw the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, and tried a philly cheesesteak.

And here we are, our last day and last stop on our trip around the world, Washington D.C. We´ve of course seen the White House (from a distance that is), Pentagon and enough memorials to last a lifetime. Then we experienced the famous Turkey Day (better known as Thanksgiving) and more interesting, how americans go shopping-crazy the day after. And since we´re at the subject of crazy americans, let me explain the title of this chapter…

After three months of travelling around the world, we´ve seen, experienced and met many different countries, cultures and people. And we´ve never met a more self-centered people than americans. It´s in the way they drive, walk the street, skip the line to the toilet and their general behavior of not considering that there´s other people around.

Even so, we still like the country, and the little over five weeks we´ve spent here have been great.

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