Two months into our journey, we´re now enjoying our last day in Hawaii. And it´s been great. Lots of sun, sand and nice people, though we´ve had some rainy days as well (and when it rains here, it pours). We´ve had time to relax and do nothing, which was just what we needed.

Our original plan was to go to Maui for a couple of days, so we rented a car, but turned out the ferry there cost way more than what we had in mind, so instead we stayed here in Honolulu, doing trips around the island. We went to the memorial sites of Pearl Habor, to the Dole pineapple plantation, to Hanaouma bay snorkeling and to the north shores seeing the giant waves and the surfers trying to master them.

And on friday (31st oct.) we of course celebrated halloween in US style.

Tokyo was also great. Big and sometimes confusing, but great. Like the rest of Japan, the city´s filled with contrasts; one minute you´re trying to push your way through the crowds surrounded by skyscrabers and neonlights, the next you´re in an old temple surrounded by monks. If anyone´s seen the film “Lost in translation”, that´s the kind of feeling you get when you´re walking in most of the city´s areas.

And the cool thing about travelling around the world: Friday 24th oct. we spent in Tokyo, trying to escape the pouring rain. In the evening we boarded a plane, and about 7-8 hours later we arrived in Honolulu – where it was friday morning the 24th oct.! Because we´d passed the International dateline, we were given an extra day, and in Hawaii of all places!!

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