From Russia with Love

Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood

So we made it to Moscow. We’ve learned that russians are not as bad as we had expected. As long as you are openminded, patient and good at sign language, you will be fine.

At first, in St. Petersburg, we were positively surprised with the number of russians that spoke english, but after spending some time in Moscow, we are beginning to believe that maybe we were just lucky… And on top of that, in Russia we are illiterate.

However, we have managed to find our way around two very large cities, and seen most of what there is to be seen, which include churches and cathedrals to count for a lifetime, a dead Lenin, a really big cannon in Kreml (and more churches) and the Red Square in pouring rain.

Now we have stocked up our supply of instant noodles and bread and are heading for the railway station, where three and a half days in a train across Siberia awaits us. But after nine days of big city life, its actually just what we need.

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